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About Us
Seven Six Point is company specializing in tennis and Padel equipment, shoes and clothes.
We try to present a harmonious combination of quality and style in our sport goods. Our task is to make everyday training of an athlete not only comfortable, but also stylish.

Our clients always strive for victories, both on the court and in life. With Seven Six Point you don't just win, you do it beautifully. Every tennis player knows that 7/6 is a decisive tiebreak victory. We know how difficult it is and that is why we will always tell you: “LAST POINT IS YOURS”. In our equipment, you will be able to fully concentrate on the result, and then, we are sure that the decisive ball will always be yours. Sport is art. Seven Six Point is the art of winning beautifully.
Brand value
Life is swift and changeable, but we believe in eternal values. For us, these are our customers, quality, openness and style.
  • 1
    Our clients are confident and stylish. We help them to emphasize the inner desire to win.
  • 2
    We personally select all products to bring you the best at an reasonable price.
  • 3
    Our equipment works for your result and gives you a sense of confidence, but does not distract from the essence -
    you as a person. Therefore, we use conciseness and simplicity in our design.
  • 4
    Seven Six Point is constantly growing and developing, so we are always open to new ideas and suggestions.
    Your wishes and recommendations are very important to us.