Tennis String 7/6 Lion Pro, (12 m., black)

Introducing String 7/6 Lion Pro, the pinnacle of tennis string innovation and a superior evolution of the 7/6 Lion string. Designed for the most discerning players, Lion Pro takes your game to the next level with its exceptional durability and enhanced performance characteristics.
What sets Lion Pro apart is its hexagonal cross-section, a technological marvel that amplifies the rotational force with every impact. This means you'll experience unparalleled spin potential and ball control, making your shots truly stand out on the court. The moment the string surface meets the ball, you'll feel the remarkable difference in your game.
Constructed with super-strong monofilament copolyester, Lion Pro boasts a high-power, hexagonal profile. This combination offers not only incredible power for your shots but also a softer, more responsive feel, ensuring that every touch and stroke is as precise as can be.
Say goodbye to constant string adjustments! Lion Pro's advanced engineering guarantees improved tension maintenance, so you can focus on your game without the hassle of frequent restringing. And when it comes to controlling spin, Lion Pro is unmatched, granting you the ability to put that extra twist on the ball and keep your opponents guessing.
Elevate your tennis experience and conquer the court with confidence. Choose String 7/6 Lion Pro, and unleash your inner champion. Whether you're striving for victory, setting new records, or simply enjoying the game, Lion Pro will make every match an unforgettable testament to your skills and dedication. Make the switch to Lion Pro and redefine what's possible on the tennis court.

lwh: 70x50x30 mm

Weight: 150 g