Tennis String 7/6 Rhino, (12 m., black)

Unleash the Rhino - Endurance and Power in Your Hands!
Introducing Rhino Tennis Strings, inspired by the unwavering strength and might of the magnificent rhinoceros. Much like this majestic creature, our strings are meticulously crafted to endure the rigors of the game while delivering unmatched performance on the court.
Confidence in Every Swing
With their classic round shape, Rhino strings inspire unwavering confidence in every player. These strings not only amplify the impact force but also provide exceptional control over your shots. No matter how many powerful swings you unleash, our 7/6 Rhino strings rise to the challenge, ensuring that you can keep delivering those winning shots without the fear of string breakage.
The Secret to Rhino's Longevity
Rhino's incredible longevity is rooted in its unique composition of high-quality polymers and polyester. These solid monofilament strings, meticulously crafted from copolyester, feature a softer coating that offers a gentle touch. This winning formula combines superb power with pinpoint accuracy in your shots, along with unparalleled tension maintenance.
Empowering Your Game
On the court, you require a string that not only keeps pace with your game but also empowers you to seize control of every point. Rhino Tennis Strings accomplish precisely that. Whether you're unleashing powerful serves, executing precise volleys, or spinning the ball with finesse, Rhino strings are your trusted ally.
Elevate Your Tennis Experience with Rhino
Choose Rhino Tennis Strings for the smartest investment in your tennis game. Experience the enduring power and control that will help you rise above the competition. Never settle for anything less than excellence. Elevate your performance with Rhino Tennis Strings today!
Unleash the Rhino and Dominate the Court!

lwh: 70x50x30 mm

Weight: 150 g